Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Howdy partners, I have made it back. Just in time to share another great story from yours truly.

It has been awhile and so many things have happened since last time!!

Last time I wrote I mentioned 3 new clients I picked up. I am now ready to let you guys in on what I am doing, to an extent of course.

The last few months, or however long I have been in the state where everything is bigger, I have been working on creating a consulting business for local companies. How has it been going? I thought you would never ask.

I have landed around 5 companies. When I say landed I mean I have made deals and actually made money off of them.

To date I only have one (Business Cleanse) that is a residual income that I can plan every month. Other than that I have a few others that are giving me pretty big turn outs when they do land. Also I am under contract with them and can’t actually list them due to our agreement! Trust me I want you to know as well!!

Let’s just say they are big enough to have me looking to move into a bigger and better place downtown.

I can’t complain with how well things are going! How have you guys been? Have you been taking daily action? Have yall been taking risks and moving in the right direction?

If you are reading this now, I want you to stop and ask yourself. Did I do the things today that will make me more successful tomorrow?

If your answer is no, it’s time to get up off your butt and go after what you want.

Nothing great can ever be achieved if you are lazy or if you are too scared to take action.

Do you have a passion for something? Are you wanting to do it full time? Why don’t you? What is stopping you?

These are all questions I asked myself before moving here. After answering them and making a game plan, I took immediate action. Not just immediate but also MASSIVE action.

I was nuts for leaving everything I ever knew up north and coming down here with nothing set in stone but the scarce funds in my bank account from selling all of my prized possessions.

I was at my breaking point and I truly think what I did was meant to happen the way it did.

I actually can’t see if happening in other way now that I look back.

I can’t see me sucking up to everyone in corporate America. I can’t see me slaving around 11 hours a day just to have an unsatisfied boss.

Sometimes you have to step up and make a huge decision to have huge rewards. For me I can say the rewards have been very swell. The only thing I would change is me being closer to friends and family.

Times get a bit lonely, but nothing a little Netflix can’t fix! 😉

If you are reading this today or in a year from now, I want you to get up and go step out of your comfort zone. Get your name out to the world. Make a name for yourself and not for the company you work for. Create something new and be great.

Be different that the people next to you and I promise you will be rewarded.

Take Action TODAY

actionHappy Tuesday.. You know there is really nothing good about a Tuesday? It’s like o what’s next? Wednesday? What was yesterday? Monday.. Just nothing good about it lol…Anyways on to my blog. Which on the other hand I have tried to be as consistent with as possible I might add!!

How is My Life?

Well let me tell you… I have picked up 3 new clients this week… Haven’t made any money but we have agreed on terms for the projects they are wanting done. That is always a start right? 3 non-paying clients are better than 0 clients all together in my eyes (if that makes any sense).

I am still not ready to spill the beans on what exactly it is that I am doing just because I don’t want all two of my readers to get any great ideas to go out and start using the same strategies that I am. Just know it seems to be working and it’s all about me getting my name out there to more people every day! If I fail to do that then I have no chance of making any money at all.

As you yahoos may know I have been doing a lot of soul searching. This so far has involved a ton of changes in my life… Including working out more, eating healthier, making new friends, and even reading more (listening to audio books). I recently (like yesterday) came across a new book that has really given me a nice kick in the butt. Though I am not typically one of these type of hoorah/hypy type of people, this book is pretty great.

It’s called, “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone. For anyone who is needing a little motivation to get to a new path in life I highly recommend it to anyone. Long book short he goes over goal setting, eliminating excuses and overall becoming more successful. It really is a pretty ideal book, especially for me with the state I am currently in (state being personal well-being).  Check it out here on You can get your first book for free if you don’t already have an account with them. Free is always better right?

There I go again, sounding like a broke, scholarship money spending college student. I can’t lie, money is tight right now but it’s amazing how great I feel. Idk how long this feeling of freedom will last (hopefully forever) but right now I am loving it. I have less money than I had a month ago, and even live in crappier place than I did a month ago, but I still feel like I’m living a better life.

Is it because I don’t have a boss anymore?

Or maybe even because I have no real schedule?

Possibly even because I am no longer a trained robot?

To be honest it’s most likely a combo of them all! It’s a risk reward type of situation and I am jumping in with 2 feet. Nobody ever made any big venture happen without taking big risks right? Even ol Taylor Swift had to move to Nashville and make both parents commit to the risk. Look at her now?

I challenge you today to step outside of your comfort zone and go after something you have been wanting for a while now.

Don’t let FEAR get in the way of your successful future.

Move forward today and make a name for yourself.

Make some haters. Create some buzz. Make others ENVOY you because of the lavish lifestyle you are living. Be that guy. Or girl excuse me.

Take life by the horns and just freaking do it. Do what you ask? Whatever it is that you have a passion for. Live your life the way you dreamed. Take actions first and answer questions 2nd. Even if you don’t know the answers to what you are doing, at least you are taking the first step!!

Go for it TODAY. Share your stories with me.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

blog 1

Happy Friday! So glad I don’t have to worry about when the weekends are coming now. Every day is a weekend if I want it to be. Only problem is, I’m not making any money just yet DANG IT.. I know this will come but it hasn’t happened quite yet. I am not willing to spill the beans of what I have been working on this past week. Just know things have been working out quite nicely and it looks like I will be my own boss here shortly.

Being how great life is when you are young wild and free I wanted to make a list of all the great things it can do for you and your life/well-being. Hope you enjoy..

Why being your own boss is Greatness

  1. Time to Do Whatever Whenever. Yes the title says it all but it really is true. I have time to cook a nice planned out dinner. I have the ability to work out twice a day if I want to. I can go on a road trip to Florida if I want. I can simply do whatever the heck I want whenever. It literally is great. You need to jump on the train while tickets last. It’s the best thing I’ve done in my life.
  2. Free to Make Mistakes. Ah crap I made a mistake on the project at my loft. Who cares!! No one is here to harp on every little task that you complete, or at least try to complete. This one of the hardest things for me at work. My boss was always coming down on me so hard. Hey did you do this? What about the status of that? It kills me man, seriously…Make some mistakes and have fun doing it.
  3. This is one that I never saw coming before. I have become so much more passionate about what I am doing now. Passion that I haven’t felt since maybe High School when I was playing sports that I love. It’s refreshing to have so much love for something again and being my own boss has created this for me again.
  4. More Knowledge. It is crazy to me the amount of stuff I have learned since I quit my job. When you are so locked in on a certain task for a company, I feel you stay so closed minded. While if you are making things happen for your own company you have to learn everything about everything. At the end of the day it allows you to become more knowledgeable overall!
  5. No Worries. No more looking behind you to see if your boss is catching you talk on your cell. No more worrying about getting fired for browsing on the internet. No more bull CRAP that you have to worry about. Do what you want and nobody can stop you.. Unless of course you are doing something illegal. I don’t advise that for anyone:)

At the end of the day you have to make a decision.. Do you want to be working for the man every day or do you want to be the MAN or WoMAN;)…The choice is up to you obviously, but it was the best one I have made in a long time.

Though I am no expert, I do like to think my opinion matters! If you don’t like my side of things, read this article I read a few weeks ago. It really made some great points.. Read Here

Leave your comments and tell me about your experiences as well. I’m all ears !!…

Finding a New Life

If you have been following my journey lately you may know I am a wild and free spirit.. I mean how many people do you know that pack everything up and move to Dallas with no job, or housing plans? Wild man, very wild lol.

In a way it is a bit refreshing though. I have gone against anything and everything that I have ever known. I didn’t even let my OWN family know what I was planning on doing until I was sitting in my newly found living room for crying out loud! Crazy? Yes. Selfish? Just a lot.

I know it’s inconsiderate and a horrible thing to do to the ones you are closest to, but sometimes it’s time to do something that will get you out of a funk. For me it was that time. Time to let my hair down and find a new me. I’m writing this to maybe find someone who has found themselves in the same boat as me. For anyone who is at the breaking point, I know you can relate.

I was on the other side of America, working a dead beat job (yes I left my job too, did I not mention this before? ;)), living the same exact life that everyone in Corporate America is living. Wake up, hit the snooze button 3 times every morning, go to work show up at the same time every day, eat the same thing for lunch every day, sit in the same traffic every day, watch the same shows and then back to sleep. Rinse and Repeat. My job and colleagues were awesome don’t get me wrong but I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Not to mention I have been packing on the pounds because I just don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do…

Therefore, I am now here.. Finding my way in a big city, living off my money I have saved over the years. My goal is to start my own company soon. This (I hope) will give me the freedom that I am looking for. I don’t want the same schedule every day. I want to be my own boss and do whatever I want!!!!Spoken like a true entrepreneur huh?

This is the start to the new me and I am excited. I want to be a different face in the crowd. Not one that everyone is after they graduate college. Get a job in your degree plan and slave for some company in hopes for a promotion so you can get paid the big bucks and order some new college graduate around. We all want to be on the top of the food chain but the reality is that isn’t coming until another 20 years of hard work. Am I scared of hard work? NO. Not at all. In fact I am one of the hardest workers out there today. I just want to put all of my hard work into something that I am passionate about.

So cheers. Cheers to the future. Cheers to whatever our futures hold. And Cheers to becoming my own boss. I hope this somewhat helps you see the light!

Crib Painted

Hey guys sorry it took me awhile to write this article! It has been a very busy week with the big move to the DFDub. I am really finding my way out here in big ol Texas. It is quite different from where I was previously but in a good way. The people in this great city really are very nice and courteous.

So as I stated in my last post, my new place was a bit plain jane. It definitely needed some new color. Everything was so white and bare it reminded me of my college dorm room which could actually be looked as a prison cell. With that being said, finding someone who could spice up my new pad was one of my main priorities! With how creative and colorful my life is I wanted to get on the right path and add some fresh paint on my walls. I know what you are thinking, if you are so creative and colorful why don’t you paint your walls yourself? I thought about doing this as well. Until I thought about all of the crap I have to do now that I’m in the big city. Find a job, paint my walls, get a new car, find some friends, go grocery shopping, buy some furniture, decorate blah blah blah.. Long story short I have a ton of stuff to do. I don’t have time to paint every wall in my new home sweet home. Not to mention then I would have to buy the right paint… guess on how much I need..Find some tarps to put down so I don’t ruin my flooring…Put up all the annoying blue tape to make everything just right..I JUST COULDN’t MANAGE ALL OF THAT. It actually stresses me out just thinking about it all lol….

Therefore I hired a professional painting service to come in and do it.. It was the best decision I have made in awhile, expect the decision to move down here in the first place.. I’m crazy I know! Anyways back to what I saying before, I outsourced all of the hard work..I hired a guy named Billy Faulkner. Seemed legit enough to come paint my plain pad.. I can’t complain either the man did a GREAT job. I gave him a call Friday at 8PM (Random I’m telling you this I know) and he still answered and was eager to help me out. Set up an appointment on Saturday at 9 AM. His team came in and were done in what seemed like no time at all. They painted every wall and it looks great and exactly how I pictured it in my head. Not to mention I was able to get all my other stuff done while he was painting up my masterpiece. Here are a few pics of my the beautiful works of art. What do you guys think?

paint 9paint 24H

Let me know what you guys think. I am in love with my bedroom especially. I picked up my bed the night before so it turned out just right! If you want to use Billy Faulkner here is his site , give him a call whenever he will take care of you. He is an extremely nice guy and he definitely was worth a little s/o.

Have a good week guys sorry for all of the careless rambling. One of these days my posts will actually have some structure 🙂

My Limo Adventure


Well Well Well.. We have come a long way.. When I say we I mean I but what does it matter anyways. I have changed my mindset for how I want to write my blog posts and how I carry my website. I actually want to enjoy my writing now so I am going to start writing about my fun times in my life. Have fun following along.  My life has taken a turn for the better. I have left everything I ever had in my home town and moved to where everything is bigger. Yep you guessed it! Texas! To be more specific Dallas, Texas.

On my way in I was a bit worried… Most of everything was exactly how they describe it. Cows, chicken, horses, open land Yeehawww.. They have it all, it’s not a lie. That is until you finally find some civilization. Riding into Dallas and it is very easy to be blown away by all that the city has to offer.

I knew immediately when I drove up that I would enjoy my new life here…

SO I have I had to scope out a few houses that I had found online. And yes, I moved here without an actual place locked down..Long story short I fell in love with my new place and will have more pictures to come once I finally get them uploaded to my computer. She is a bit plain so she could use a paint job.. But that can wait a day or two:)

I know what you are thinking..why are you rambling but your title is about limos? Well hold on I’m getting there!!

Getting into my adventure through Dallas in a limo… It all started when I was bored at my new house, yes..already. I wanted to enjoy my first weekend out and about and see all that Dallas had to offer..Therefore I searched for the best limo in Dallas for city light tours and I found one.. Talk about feeling like a freaking state of the art 1st class 5 star celebrity. It was AMAZING!!!

MY professional chauffeur drove me all through the town and showed me all that Dallas has. They picked me up and took me everywhere I could have imagined..I will definitely be renting a limo again very soon. Anyways that’s enough rambling for me for the night. Sorry this was so random but I wanted to share how awesome it was. I didn’t know limos could drive you around just to show off the city..

If you are interested in having a trip out on the town like I did check out their website here. Hope you enjoy yourself as much as I did!!! 🙂


Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog. I plan on telling you guys about my new journeys through this so called game of life. I have done some soul searching for awhile and have gone on some incredible journeys. I can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures. Follow along 🙂